• Crone Handel & Speditions GmbHModern Tipping and Non-Tipping Silo Semi-Trailer Fleet
  • Crone Handel & Speditions GmbHModern Logistics Service Provider specialized in Silo Transports.
  • Crone Handel & Speditions GmbHYour competent service provider for the transportation of bulk materials.
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Modern Fleet for all of your Needs.

Our fleet is comprised of non-tipping silo semitrailers (lying silo) and tipping silo semitrailers, or tipping silo tanks. Our non-tipping silos provide an effective volume of 34 to 42 m³, separated into 1 to 4 chambers. Our tipping silo semitrailers provide a capacity of 40 to 60 cubic meters for the transport of goods in pulverized or free-flowing form. On-loading and off-loading of the freight is done using powerful compressors that are mounted onto the truck. The selection of the trailer type depends on your requirements. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Modern technology, such as vehicles equipped with GPS supported navigation and the latest logistics software offer increased transparency, builds trust and communication between our customers and our company and ensures that delivery dates are met.

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