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Silo-Transports Individual & Flexible

Silo transport is a special transport designed for free-flowing bulk materials. Special silo vehicles are used for the transport of free-flowing bulk materials. A silo vehicle is a semitrailer with a specific body (silo) for the transportation of bulk materials. The transported goods are filled into specific containers. Outlet chutes empty the containers using compressed air.

Crone Handel & Speditions GmbH is your competent service provider for the transport of bulk materials of any kind. In addition to raw materials for the building materials industry, we also transport minerals and chemical products.

We also supply:
· quartz sands to foundries
· sands for filtration plants in waterworks
· raw materials for glass production in glassworks
· pulverized polyvinyl chloride for the automobile and other industries

In addition to the transport of granulized, pulverized and pulverulent goods, we also handle and process these goods according to the highest technical standards. Through professionally cleaning the accessible silo containers (walking platform), the containers are prepared for the next fill to avoid any possible contamination. We also offer the following options: storage, ensilage, filling of big packs or bags into the silo vehicles.

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